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Responsible Operators of Amusement Rentals

Mission: To develop a “culture of safety” among owners and operators of amusement rental structures including the development of a code of ethics, the adoption of safety guidelines with respect to regulatory agencies and attraction manufacturers/suppliers, and the implementation of an operator training and certification program.


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The Outdoor Amusement Business Association

Telephone:  888-ROAR-555  (888-762-7555)
Last Updated: 04/12/2011 ROAR meetings are held on second Wednesdays of the month. 11:00 AM,      Look on calendar for info. See Event Calendar for date or location changes.          See 'Industry News' link for Regulatory Meeting Information and contacts   
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'ROAR' Responsible Operators of Amusement Rentals
Completed Educational Seminars
 And Trade Shows

Regular, ongoing Roar training seminars are not included here. They are located in several different cities and states throughout the year.  Contact Roar for a location near you.

Most recent ROAR full seminar training was held February 22-23 2011 as part of the Pennsylvania Spring Amusement Ride Safety Seminar in PA at the Holiday Inn Harrisburg/Hershey.
This is also scheduled for November 2011.
This program is held a minimum of twice a year.

NJAA Tradeshow

Flyer: http://www.njamusements.com/pdf/NJ%20Amuse%20Show%20Flyer-1.pdf

Website:  http://www.njamusements.com/events.html

Photos from ROAR training seminar in PA

"On September 13, 2005, PDA Quality Assurance Inspectors attended an operator training seminar at Entertaining Ideas in King of Prussia.  The
training was conducted by ROAR (Responsible Operators of Amusement Rentals)

ROAR is a new initiative of the national Outdoor Amusement Business Association to address the needs of rental operators.

OABA is the only international trade association that includes all parts of the outdoor amusement business, Carnivals, Circuses, Fairs, Amusement
Parks, and now Rental companies.

Later today, a new restricted inflatable seminar will be announced for Pennsylvania Certified Inspectors of rental inflatable attractions.
This additional seminar will provide an alternate training seminar for those who were not able to attend the seminar in the spring.  Hopefully,
this additional training opportunity will help more operators of inflatable attractions to receive the training that is the strength of our program."

Joe Filoromo
Amusement Ride Safety Division,
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Past Educational Seminars

Cindee Patrick at 615-545-8109 or cindeeops@aol.com  Training link for more info Monday, May 16, 2005. This program designed for management and middle management.

Mike Tharpe, Owner, FunTec,  Featured Speaker for Training Seminar, August 2004