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Responsible Operators of Amusement Rentals

Mission: To develop a “culture of safety” among owners and operators of amusement rental structures including the development of a code of ethics, the adoption of safety guidelines with respect to regulatory agencies and attraction manufacturers/suppliers, and the implementation of an operator training and certification program.


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Telephone:  888-ROAR-555  (888-762-7555)
Last Updated: 04/12/2011 ROAR meetings are held on second Wednesdays of the month. 11:00 AM,      Look on calendar for info. See Event Calendar for date or location changes.          See 'Industry News' link for Regulatory Meeting Information and contacts   
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'ROAR' Responsible Operators of Amusement Rentals
Guidelines Risk Management

All ROAR members:

  1. Have agreed to have an operator-training program in place.

  2. Have agreed to only operate ROAR approved attractions and equipment. Attraction and equipment approval will be determined by the guidelines as recommended by ASTM, AIMS, and to be granted by a third party.

  3. Have agreed to follow manufacturer’s recommended safety guidelines and abide by applicable state and local laws / regulations.

  4. Have agreed to keep maintenance logs, pre-operation inspection reports, event reports, professional contracts (with ROAR approved clauses), and documentation of training, on all equipment and attractions.

  5. Have agreed to post required state and local signage, and manufacture’s rules, per attraction.

  6. Have agreed to third party inspections to ensure compliance.

  7. Have agreed to meet minimum electrical requirements for power cords as provided by manufacturers, and state and local agencies.

  8. Have agreed to adhere to ROAR guidelines as they relate to the drop-off and pickup of inflatable / amusement ride rentals.

    1. Must include proper anchoring and safety equipment, and necessary tools.

    2. Must provide written and verbal operational instructions and have client acknowledge by signature.

    3. A list of parameters of acceptable rental items will be determined by an independent third party.