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ROAR follows Robert's Rules



The primary purpose of the sort of meeting that uses rules of order is for the group to make decisions. It may decide on anything from taking a position on a major public issue to organizing a pet show. To begin the process of making any decision, a member offers a proposal by making a motion. A motion is a formal proposal by a member, in a meeting, that the group take certain action, [RONR (lorh ed.), p. 26,’. I 9—24. I

A main motion Is one whose introduction brings business before an assembly. Strictly speaking, there should be no debate on a matter before a motion regarding it has been made, Only one main motion may be before the assembly for action at a time. LRONR (10th ed.), pg.32, l.34,tO p.33, I.2?;p. 59. I.2326:p 95, I



In order to make a motion or to speak in debate, you use the same procedure: You stand up immediately after the previous speaker has finished and call out “Madam President,” “Mr. Chairman,” or whatever the chair’s title may be. The chair designates you as the next speaker, or recognizes you, normally by calling out your name or title, saying, for example, “Mr. Jackson,” or “The delegate from Clayton County,” or sometimes (in a small meeting) simply by nodding to you.

When you are authorized to speak in this way, you are said to have the floor. When finished, you sit down, and thus yield the floor.



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