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Responsible Operators of Amusement Rentals

Mission: To develop a “culture of safety” among owners and operators of amusement rental structures including the development of a code of ethics, the adoption of safety guidelines with respect to regulatory agencies and attraction manufacturers/suppliers, and the implementation of an operator training and certification program.


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The Outdoor Amusement Business Association

Telephone:  888-ROAR-555  (888-762-7555)
Last Updated: 04/12/2011 ROAR meetings are held on second Wednesdays of the month. 11:00 AM,      Look on calendar for info. See Event Calendar for date or location changes.          See 'Industry News' link for Regulatory Meeting Information and contacts   
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'ROAR' Responsible Operators of Amusement Rentals

Responsible Operators of Amusement Rentals (ROAR) was launched in 2003, sponsored by the Outdoor Amusement Business Association (OABA). The OABA has over 5,000 members and is recognized as the leading professional trade organization in the mobile amusement industry.
ROAR already counts close to fifty companies within its ranks.. ROAR members adhere to self-imposed, generally accepted amusement rental industry standards of safety, as well as State imposed regulations, to ensure the highest level of guest safety. ROAR members have developed a culture of safety in their operations through professional safety guidelines and training of operators to assist all amusement rental industry operators.
ROAR works closely with other national groups and is committed to adhering to Standard F 2374-04, published by the ASTM –American Standard of Testing Materials; and AIMS - Amusement Industry Manufacturers and Suppliers.
Mark Zientek, Chairman of ROAR, maintains, "ROAR will help guide the industry, including owners, operators, and manufacturers, toward a "culture of safety" and increased self-regulation. We encourage (other) operators to join us and become members, and to willingly embrace ROAR’s mission, ensuring a more professional and safer future for all."
ROAR has developed an amusement employee training program in an effort to standardize operations and ensure the highest levels of safety for the general public. Additionally, ROAR recommends an independent third-party to audit its members and oversee strict compliance to its rules. Over its first full season, members were subject to warehouse and field inspections. At IAAPA, ROAR intends to meet with industry manufacturers to encourage the production of safer equipment (i.e. stronger tether points and the highest standard flame resistant materials, etc.) for the benefit of all. ROAR has proposed that an independent third-party helps educate members to buy responsibly; purchasing products that meet ASTM and the highest regulatory standards.
ROAR has a board of directors in place, many of whom have been in the amusements business since its infancy. The board of directors has a combined experience of almost 50 years. All members of ROAR have pledged to adhere to its rules and requirements and are subject to third party inspections to ensure strict compliance. In addition, new members are screened for their past safety and operating records.
ROAR believes that it must lead by example. The number of accidents on an annual basis has soared and the industry finds itself near a crisis. ROAR hopes to set a new standard of safety within the amusement rental industry and directly reduce both insurance claims and insurance premiums to its members. "We hope insurance companies understand that ROAR is serious about safety and intends to fully enforce its rules and regulations. This will lead to reduced claims and liability. We hope to work together in partnership with our industry’s insurance carriers to offer discounts and special recognition to ROAR members", says Zientek, "ROAR is the great future hope for our industry. It’s here to stay and those that don’t endorse it will not be around to tell of its success. I encourage all operators nationwide to endorse ROAR standards for their sake and for the safety and security of us all."

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