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Responsible Operators of Amusement Rentals

Mission: To develop a “culture of safety” among owners and operators of amusement rental structures including the development of a code of ethics, the adoption of safety guidelines with respect to regulatory agencies and attraction manufacturers/suppliers, and the implementation of an operator training and certification program.


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Telephone:  888-ROAR-555  (888-762-7555)
Last Updated: 04/12/2011 ROAR meetings are held on second Wednesdays of the month. 11:00 AM,      Look on calendar for info. See Event Calendar for date or location changes.          See 'Industry News' link for Regulatory Meeting Information and contacts   
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'ROAR' Responsible Operators of Amusement Rentals
Risk Management

Educational Seminars

Roar provides a variety of seminars and safety training programs as well as third party inspections to help develop a culture of safety. Programs are designed for different aspects of the rental business.

Here are some of our past programs;

Training & Certifications

ROAR worked with AIMS International, the amusement industry’s leading provider of safety training, to develop a safety training program for ROAR members & employees that included:

· Developing & Updating Your Training Program

This class focuses on the necessary fundamentals for training using new ideas and “out of the box” thinking to teach.

· Managing Safe Behavior of Your Operators and Maintenance Personnel

This class guides the student to identify safe behaviors, importance of setting clear expectations, defining roles and techniques to hold the team accountable.

· Coaching Your Team

The key to success is being on the field with the team. This class gives step-by-step coaching techniques and an opportunity to role-play.

· Working within Your Community to Promote Amusement Ride Safety Awareness – Schools and Civic Groups

This class provides a step by step “how to” of fun and effective ways to provide ride safety classes to grade school while taking advantage of public relation opportunities at the same time. Learn how to have safety education acquired at the schools, be remembered by the students and brought to your facility